I am Sung Jun, Lim

Bachelor's Degree of Statistics,Future Master's Degree of AI,Future Data Scientist

Name: Sung Jun, Lim

Birth: Sep 11, 1998

Department: AI, Univ. of Seoul

Email: lsj9862@gmail.com


Python 80%
R 70%
SAS 80%
About Me

Hello! I'm Sung Jun, Lim from South Korea. I'm glad to meet you in my own website.

I got bachelor's degree for Statistics, University of Seoul with early graduation! Now I'm on course for master's degree of AI at University of Seoul. I'm interested in Data Science, and Machine Learning.

It's website to show several projects about Data Analysis, Machine Learning and so on. Feel free to ask me if u have any questions about my project and me!

Personal Project

MLAI Project


Explainable AI for Blood Pressure Estimation

Funded by ETRI
Deal with Uncertainty about Estimation of BP from AI (In Progress)